About Danish Crown

We are a farmer-owned meat producer and processing company. Our farmers built this company as a cooperative back in 1887. For more than 130 years they have invested and grown the company to be among the biggest companies within the industry. Their products are exported all over the world and every day millions of consumers rely on Danish Crown products to be able to serve a good meal for their loved ones.


As one of the leading meat producers and processors in our field, Danish Crown always strives for the highest quality raw material. We are famous for producing very high quality meat based on stringent animal welfare and food safety standards. Over the years we have invested state-of-the-art technology and we are constantly looking to update our equipment. All our products are scanned and assessed with precision throughout the production process.


Our unique ownership allows us to have control over the whole value chain from farm to fork. This means that we have full traceability of all of the pork and beef products available, guaranteeing transparency and dependability.


We build on the knowledge and expertise that our farmers and people in production have gained for the past 130 years. We can guarantee consistency across all of our products. The large volumes that are handled on a daily basis allow us to offer uniformity in our products, no matter the specification or cut of meat, and take great pride in offering reliability to all of our customers.


Because of the scale of the business, we are to collaborate directly with our customers to ensure they get exactly what they want; offering flexibility in both the products themselves, and the services we provide. We offer a variety of bespoke products, and allow you to design your own specifications in order to meet your requirements and wishes.

Our customers expect us to be a strong partner in managing the category based on innovation and consumer insight. We are here to build strong, trusting collaboration with our high value customers offering high value products.